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Topdrive Solutions is privately owned corporation with our head office based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Topdrive solutions was started to help drilling contractors meet the growing demands of the oil companies requests to provide drilling rigs equipped with top drives. We have a staff of experienced professionals able to handle all of your rig-ups, tear-downs, installations, top drive fleet maintenance, training, and service issues.

With expertise in top drive drilling equipment, our field, technical, and sales staff have extensive experience in all aspects of oilfield top drive drilling and service equipment, and have the ability and experience to integrate your newly purchased, rental, or soon to be purchased top drives into your fleet, making each installation portable so you may move the top drive from rig to rig in your fleet with ease, making each top drive installation portable, saving your company money, and providing flexibility within your rig fleet.

Our trained staff can provide you with purchase consulting for both electric and hydraulic top drives, which will include full mast measurements with AutoCAD drawings showing fitment of the proposed equipment into your masts, along with a detailed report of modifications and work required to install the top drive in your proposed rigs. Once the top drive installation is complete we have staff available to assist with drillers training, to ensure long term trouble free drilling.

Top Drive Solutions can provide recommendations on top drive system purchases.  With our wealth of knowledge on the use of top drive systems in the field we can review your rig fleet as well as vendor quotations and give a true independent recommendation for the best top drive for the job.  We also review your drilling program to ensure that you will get everything that you need to do the job right. Many vendors will not quote everything that you may need to do the job in the interest of showing a low price leaving you stranded without key items.  In a highly competitive market we can ensure you are getting the best value on your purchase.

We also have staff available to stay on location for long and short term service commitments, for all the top drive servicing requirements.

Please visit our Contact Us page if you would like to contact us via email, or would like to talk to someone directly.